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Coed Open

Updated 7/23/17

Coed playoff schedule for July 25th

 6 pm     3rd vs 4th     N.T.  vs Alchy Anonymous
 7 pm     1st vs 2nd    Dynasty vs WTF?!
 8 pm     5th vs 6th     Wadlife vs Freaky Peeps
 9 pm     7th vs 8th     Jocks & Jills vs  N.W.
10 pm    9th vs 10th   Ninja Force vs Straight Shooters

Important Notice:  The $50 discount which we have continued to provide to all of our
regular (repeating) teams has been based on the assumption that league fees would
be paid when due, prior to the first game.  However, we have been spending an
inordinate amount of time collecting and recording late payments week in and week out,
and as a result find it necessary to amend/reiterate our discount policy.

Our policy is as follows:  Any team which has played two or more consecutive
sessions in our Open Coed league will be eligible for a $50 discount to be applied
towards the NEXT consecutive session, but ONLY IF the league fee for the current
session was paid in full prior to the second week of play.

Note that a late payment by ONE player could result in the loss of the discount for the
entire team, which would be unfortunate, but not OUR fault!  To prevent this problem,
and in keeping with our current written policy, the TEAM MANAGER should be collecting
all payments prior to the first game...and presenting one group payment to OTW.  That
makes it easier on everyone, and also helps eliminate lost or mis-recorded payments.

Thanks for your understanding, and your continued patronage.  We appreciate it!

Sincerely, Tim & Theresa


Schedules are subject to change, due to late registrations or attempts to accommodate conflicts. Please check schedules weekly to verify game times.